Thursday 30 July 2020

kežmarský štit : oda na rados VII+ | vidlový hrebeň (grań wideł)

To keep a long story short ...

On day one, I took a huge fall on the first pitch of "Płyylých" (PL: Pająki) VIII-.
This same day we managed to OS "Oda na Radost" VII + (PL: Oda do Radości) without any problem ...

On the second day we supposed to climb (with our heavy backpacks) "Obrovský Kút" (PL: Wielkie Zacarcie), but because our backpacks were TOO HEAVY, and because there was a team of climbers in the front of us when we finally reached the start of the route, and also because it started to SNOW (sic!) we decided to go the easier way to the top of Kežmarský štit.

When we're sure it's over and we are saved ... the third day surprised us again. In the early morning, it turned out that we have only 0.5l of water not only for both of us ... but also for the whole day! So the whole day we were climbing Vidlový Hrebeň without water and without food!

We wanted to bail at least three times, but it was impossible because there was no easy way down. When we finally reached Lomnický štít we were thirsty, hungry and very tired... but the only thing they had in the shop was cake or alcohol... LOL!

To make matters worse, there was no free cable car that we could buy so we had to walk down...

When we reached Kraków we went straight away for Pizza! Perfect end of the "perfect trip".

The only good thing about this trip is that I was with Przemek. Without him, I wouldn't survive! :-)

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