Friday 28 February 2020

wadi rum : glory

A few photos showing our fight with Glory. A route on the south face of Jabel um Ishrin.

day 1. (we want to believe!)

shining wall

cherry on the top!
time to go down...

excitement. all moves done!
the best 'table' for the dinner...
no reservation is required.

day 2. (links)
one more time...
the perfect end of a perfect day.
shine bright like a diamond.
another day at the office.

We climbed the crux pitch and sent it at the end of the day. Unfortunately, it was too late to climb the top, so we have decided to take a rest day and come

back after that in sending mode!

day 3. (since we know it's possible, we just have to do this!)

Marta using sick beta for the crux move! :-o
sending mode!

On that day we've sent pitch all pitches on first go. This also means on-sighting last two pitches (7b and 6c) :-) It was a good day!

at the fkn top! yeah \o/
a date to remember.

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