Monday 5 September 2022

cycling : kühtai in innsbruck!

You might think that because Innsbruck is in the mountains, it's a really nice and good place for cycling. Well... I was thinking the same. Unfortunately (you can correct me if I'm wrong) it turned out to be different. Most of the routes  which I've found were very long (more than 100km) with a lot of climbing. It was possible to ride them with less climbing, but then you would have to ride more than 200km because of the mountain(s). 

I haven't been there for a long time but... I managed to ride two nice routes. 
Village Kühtai was one of those places. Located quite high, over 2000 meters above sea level presented me a very nice and long climb. Strava segment shows almost 1300 meters of climb during 18 km with a couple of really steep sections!

I must admit that the climbing was really hard (and nice at the same time). In one place I was very close to get off the bike, but somehow I managed to climb all the way up. Unfortunately due to my experience and (lack of) skills I was unable to descend without stopping. 
It was the hardest descent in my life. I never experienced anything like that before. The route was very steep and long. I felt that if I just release my brakes for a few seconds I will easily reach 100 km/h. And after all I wasn't mistaken, because when I checked KOMs in Strava, the fastest riders reached a speed of 111km/h on the way down. 

Well, back then I was shitting my pants and didn't manage to go faster than 50-60 km/h. What's more, I had to stop several times to cool down not only my rotors but also my HR :-)

It was definitely great experience and awesome climb, but it left mark on my confidence.

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