Wednesday 15 August 2018

chamonix : la vallée blanche

Another interesting part of our trip is also our way back home... In Switzerland, our front tire blowout... so we were forced to drive using our backup tire all the way to Germany, where we have found a car service and bought two new tires for the front. Then we decided to take a rest and visit Rafal and Magda in Frankenjura. After two climbing days, we were on our way back home. Then on German Autobahn, driving around 140-150 km/h... our back tire blowout. I still do not know how we managed to survive that. Thankfully we were close to the Polish border, so after we reached Poland we were forced to buy a new back tire.  
Yet somehow we reached our homes in one piece. I'm sure I will never forget this trip. Not only because of the way back home but also because of all the climbing.

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