People of Josito. All so different, yet connected by the same passion.

During the time I've spent in Josito, I had the pleasure to meet many amazing people from all around the world. Not surprisingly, they all differed significantly from each other. They all came from different countries, they were speaking different languages and also they were doing different jobs. Apart from all the, I was really super lucky to spend some time with some of those people and also to save some moments on my camera. Now as I promised, the time has come to publish some of my photos.

At the same time, I would like to thank 🙏 to @duyguhaug and @tobias.haug for taking care of all of us. Thank you guys for making our lives easier and less complicated. Living in a "climbing bubble" far away from problems, worries and most of all, far away from COVID was one of the best things I ever experienced. Also thank you all people for making this time amazing! Without you, it wouldn't be this same! It's been a pure pleasure to meet all of you! I really miss all of you, but I'm sure that one day we will meet again. For sure sooner than later!

Stay healthy and climb strong! Till next time!

Flo. | teacher

Tristan. | (ex) welder

Ismael. | volunteer

Nadeen. | wanderer // infrastructure finance

Anatolii. | climbing coach

Duygu. | josito camp boss // climber

Engin. | climber

Vitaliy. | freelancer photographer // halva lover

Nazli. | climber

Ofer. | pro climber // sport physical therapist // coach

Yedidya. | volunteer

Arthur. | student

Juan. | outdoor educator

Alice. | chef

handsome Brad. | routesetter

Damien (Sugar Daddy!). | rope access worker

Theo. | video editor

Valentina. | software developer

Atakan. | student (the forgotten future of his nation)

Yağmur. | content writer

Lucas. (El Chapo!) | traveler

Mina. | princess!

Jack. | volunteer // rope access worker

Dasha. | student

Misha. | software developer // yosyamitya owner

Marnix. | roadside assistance

Emine. | slackliner

Illya. | climber

Magdalena. | it specialist

Nugget. | people owner

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